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A unique and intensive training on the integrated management system Wordbee

Iberian Wordbee Masterclass 2012

Oporto, Portugal

20 july, 2012

Quality, Productivity and Cost Reduction

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On July 20 2012, Lexis promotes the Iberian Wordbee Masterclass 2012, an event directed to translators, translation agencies, companies on the verge of internationalization, colleges, language schools and public administration, that will address vital issues to the industry such as Quality, Productivity, Cost Savings or the New Portuguese Spelling Agreement.


Lexis organizes this event with the Portuguese translation agency AP | Portugal, Wordbee – an integrated translation management and archiving platform, SaaS, which was distinguished in 2011 at CeBIT, the renowned international technology fair that takes place in Hannover –, the Red Horse – a project that provides non-disclosure agreements (NDA) – and WFQ – a consulting firm specialized in training, implementation and management of quality systems, with extensive experience in managing quality systems for translation services companies.

The masterclass starts at 8:45 am with Thomas Bakk driving the participants introduction and ends at 5:00 pm.

The event's program includes sessions about "Quality and Standard EN 15038", "New Portuguese Spelling Agreement", "Wordbee – Project Management", "Wordbee – CAT Tool with Integrated Editor", "Wordbee – Management and Files Archive and Statistics", "Wordbee – Cost and Time Reduction/ Productivity", "Wordbee – Managing Multilingual Content and Context of Internationalization" and "Lexis Advance Syntax ".

Experienced trainers

The trainers are experienced professionals in the subjects they will address: Ana Maciel, Catarina Barrosa, Elsa Pinto, Isabel Pinto and Mário Júnior. This is the first Wordbee masterclass that Lexis organizes, but this translators' community and its partners have already successfully organized workshops and similar trainings in the past.

This masterclass will take place at Rua Álvares Cabral, 394, Oporto, Portugal.

Register now for the event. The registration is only 150 Euro + VAT and includes various products and services, namely 10 online courses on the New Portuguese Spelling Agreement and a bilingual Red Horse Non-Disclosure Agreement at your choice.

You can contact us via email – masterclass@lexis.pro – or phone (+351 910 693 454).

See the full program.

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What is LEXIS PRO?

LEXIS is an international active community which gathers a wide range of language services providers: translators, subtitlers, copywriters, and voice-overs.

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The LEXIS community comprises language service professionals, such as freelance translators, subtitlers, voice-over professionals, copywriters, companies in the field, as well as training and educational institutions and other companies that market professional products.

Thus, LEXIS provides a preferred area for communication, exchange of ideas and cooperation among colleagues in the field and work teams sharing projects.

LEXIS members also have access to the SYNTAX platform – a powerful tool enabling them to gain visibility in the marketplace, garner customers and forge partnerships.